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This is a place for exploration, discussion, advice, and creativity. This blog is for those of us who are still learning new things and growing in different ways. From trying new recipes, to building the perfect outfit, renovating a room, experimenting with art, learning about jobs and careers, and so much more. The lifestyle that we cultivate comes from the decisions we make on how to live our lives. Personally, I’m still exploring all kinds of things and how those things can help me grow and glorify the Lord.

Why You’ll Love This

I’m sure we have all learned during 2020, or just through life, living in fellowship is so important. This little blog is something that fills me up as I pour out stories and experiences. I hope everyone can find that same joy in some aspect of this space:

  • Home Décor // Renovations
  • Cooking // Baking
  • Art // DIY
  • Wedding Planning
  • Faith // Growth
  • Jobs // Careers

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    all things

    Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

    While I have only experienced so much in my 24 years of life, it is important to me to share my experiences with others in the hopes that it can encourage you to take on new things.

    The name “all things” comes from the poem by Cecil Frances Alexander. I think it encompasses my interests in a variety of areas, but also encourages me to think about how all things can be for the glory of the Lord.

    Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

    I’ll be sharing the stories and experiences of others on this blog and on some other social media (would love for you to join me there…) but I also want to hear from YOU!

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