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making a 2022 mood board

I haven’t always made a mood board for the new year, but after I made mine for this upcoming year I’m realizing there are a couple of benefits which I want to share with you. A Pinterest mood board is a great place to add photos that inspire you and typically fall into a certain “vibe” or category. From Wikipedia’s definition, “A mood board can be used to convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic.”

This mood board is for what we would like our 2022 to look like. This is a great project for this upcoming year to continue the hope and excitement for the new year and leaving 2021 behind… It can also inspire you to strive for certain things and continue to shape your life into what you want it to be. It’s even better than a New Year’s Resolution, in my opinion, because it comes from things that inspire or excite you and not from the things you think you have to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still love resolutions but this project can be healthier as long as you remember one thing…

Don’t come into this project thinking “this is what I’m going to MAKE my year look like” because expectations like that will be hard to live up to. It’s a great way to focus on what you value, but it shouldn’t be something that becomes an idol in your life. Making a mood board with the intention to make your life look like that is when it becomes an unhealthy resolution… Instead let the board inspire, excite, and help you focus on the new year.

Where to Start

So here’s where I started: I jumped on Pinterest and found a few photos that REALLY inspired me. I looked at the image’s color palette, content, and overall feel. I liked things with muted colors, natural objects, cozy homes, simple outfits, and a calming feeling. This could differ for everyone, and that’s another wonderful thing about this project! Everyone’s board will look different and express different feelings. You don’t have to be naturally creative to do this, you just have to be aware of what you want out of your project. For example the themes of your board could be: classic and luxury, hippie and boho, or sweet and simple.

You can set up your mood board however you’d like, but I think the things that I found after making my mood board were more interesting than actually making my board. These are the outcomes that I found after finishing my mood board:

  1. Encouraging Creativity
  2. Excitement for the New Year
  3. Establishing a Focus

Encouraging Creativity

We could all use some practice in our creativity, no matter who you are! I mentioned earlier that you don’t have to be creative to do this, but this project will help you develop your creative skills. By deciding what images you want to add, and which ones you won’t add is an important part of the process and helps fine tune your eye for what you’re looking for. I also encourage looking for a variety of subjects/content in your images. I found that fruit, natural wood tones, and fields fit in beautifully with my mood board. It was incredible seeing the range of things that fit into my mood board, and it also helped me develop then creative skills I already possessed.

Excitement for the New Year

I know that this past year wasn’t the best of the best for many of us… I think a lot of hope lies in this upcoming year.  Adding this mood board to the mix has helped me feel more motivated and excited for the year to come. There are so many possibilities of what you can accomplish and what you can focus on. If nothing else, spending a little time on this project will get you excited for the possibilities of what is to come.

Establishing a Focus

Now THIS is my favorite part… I am PUMPED for what I created and how hopeful I am for the upcoming year, but it also is helping me focus on the things that I want. My mood board has shown me how inspired I am by natural or organic décor and how I want to focus on sustainable living. It will help me focus on what I want my closet to consist of, the color palette for my home, and how I want to focus my free time. It also showed me how calming I find the outdoors and the peace and quiet life has to offer. I feel so focused on what I want and what inspires me. This is where I find that this is better than a resolution. You are creating focus that isn’t defined by goals that may be unattainable. You are creating focus on the things that excite and inspire you to continue becoming the person that YOU want to be.

So I would encourage you to think some more about starting a mood board, I promise that you will feel at least one of these outcome from doing this project. Making a 2022 mood board is super simple, and incredibly beneficial. Your board can look so different from someone else’s, but if it helps you to check mine out I will link mine here!

I hope this helps and please share your mood boards with me! I would love to see them 🙂

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