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staple items for the ideal closet

You have probably heard the term “basics” in regards to items that seem like necessary or typical parts of a wardrobe. Sometimes these basics are overlooked parts of the closet because they tend to be more plain than other options! But, the basics of your wardrobe will really be key in building a more elevated style very easily. It’s important to invest and find the best basics for your closet so that’s what we will be diving into today.

First things first, this is not a “one size fits all” list that I will have linked. In every picture that I share will be items that I have found to be the tried and true options for me. The fit of the jeans or the coat that I link may not be the perfect fit for your body, and that’s okay! I wanted to make sure that I started with this disclaimer however so that you know that as you read through this blog.

The list that I have compiled for basics that I think are key are: black or white tank tops, black or white tshirts, black jeans, blue jeans, black turtleneck, neutral sweaters, nude colored undergarments, a caramel colored coat, and neutral boots.

The tank tops that have become my absolute favorite are the high neck tank tops from target. They are soft and ribbed, and the silhouette is really wonderful. I have been wearing them all the time, especially nice to layer in the winter months but I cannot wait to use these in the summer too. I got them on sale for $4 each, but normally they are $8 which is still a GREAT price. Having tank tops that aren’t just the spaghetti strap ones is wonderful because they are quite practical for layering but they can also look extremely put together and sleek on their own.

Similarly to the tank tops, having go-to tees in black and white is SO important. You can pair these tops with so many different things like jeans, layer them under dresses, or using them for athleisure. It’s really important with this closet item that you find one that is the right cut for you and that is quality in terms of materials used. You don’t want to buy any of these items from cheap places because you want to be able to use them for a long time. If you buy from a place that isn’t super quality, then maybe after the first wash that top could be ruined. Or maybe the material isn’t comfortable so you don’t want to wear it as often.

Now for jeans/pants: I cannot stress enough how important these are! Having quality pants that fit well, are comfy, and look wonderful can really bring your outfit/wardrobe to the next level. As I’m writing this, I’ve been wearing these particular pair of pants to work because I LOVE these jeans so much. My recommendations are to get high waisted, no rips, and something more straight leg for your jeans. I also think it’s important to have a pair of black jeans, medium wash blue jeans, and a pair of light/white jeans. The reason that I believe that these types of jeans are the best are because high waisted give you a great shape, jeans with no rips/tears look really put together and sleek, and straight leg is definitely going to be the go-to jean from now on (sorry to all my skinny jean lovers out there).

In terms of some other tops that I think are important for a wardrobe I would say a black turtle neck is a great piece to have (my turtleneck has a slouchy neck which I kind of hate… So get a better one than that haha)! I would also say a white button up is definitely a staple item for your wardrobe. You can dress it up and dress it down or you can layer it with sweaters or dresses… So many wonderful options. Which brings me to the final top that I want to recommend that that is a neutral sweater. I usual tend to go for more light tones or cream sweaters (love me some beige) but that could also be a white sweater, black sweater, or grey sweater depending on what you prefer.

In terms of undergarments, I feel like a true adult because I always buy nude/neutral underwear, bras, and bralettes. They go with everything and are truly a staple because they go with everything. You won’t have to worry about your nude undergarments with your dresses or white jeans, and you shouldn’t have to think about if the pattern on your bra will show through your clothes. There’s not too much more to say on this!! But I would definitely recommend buying your go-to underwear in neutral colors!

Coats and shoes will be the last category I talk about and I truly saved the best for last!! These are the like cherries on top for outfit staples. They have a way to really pull together an outfit, or to quickly make your outfit look worse… Having a good coat and versatile shoes are the perfect things to have in your closet. Personally I have a camel/caramel colored coat that is fairly heavy (for good old Western PA weather) and it’s a little oversized so I can wear my chunky sweaters underneath. It’s amazing how this simple coat can make my outfits look so much more put together than any other coat. If I were to wear my black puffy coat with certain outfits, it immediately makes it less stylish or at least more casual. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I am just as warm in my coat and it looks so put together.

When it comes to shoes I have a wide variety of shoes that I love… I truly wear a lot of my different shoes!! But my go-to and top recommendations are my neutral colored boots. I have Blundstone’s but I also think Dr. Martens are great options too! Whether that’s a chelsea boot or something more like a combat boot I think these are great go-to options. I wouldn’t recommend knee high boots as a go-to (although they are so cute too) but having an ankle boot would be a lot easier to wear with more things! I have a pair of brown heeled boots that are super comfortable and I wear them fairly often, but I’d love to get another pair of brown ankle boots to wear since my Blundstone’s are black.

Okay, so we’ve gone over quite a few things that you should look for in your wardrobe! From tops, jeans, shoes, tops, undergarments, and coats there are many things that would be great staples to have in your wardrobe. I want to say again, this isn’t a one size fits all list, and there could be many things that you have as staples or things on my list you wouldn’t include in yours! I do believe this is a pretty basic list, but I want to know if there’s anything else that you would like to add! So go out there and figure out your basics, find quality and comfy options, and start building your ideal closet.

Now for the links:

blue jeans:

black jeans:

black tank top:

white tank:

white tee:–YCFkaEKuYvg

black blundstones:

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