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Spring 2021 Home Décor Trends

Right off the bat I’ll tell you that there are some home décor trends that I really hate this season. I’ll talk about some things that are more attainable trends and others that are a little bit more expensive! Everyone’s homes have become more important in this past year as circumstances have forced us to be there more often. I know for myself I’ve stared at every corner of my house and tried to reimagine those areas a million times. I am still figuring out my style and how I want to decorate our home, so some of these trends have helped that and others I’ve just laughed at. I also got some feedback on my Instagram about some of these trends that I’ll add as well.


Now this is one that I’m still figuring out how I feel about it. My initial reaction was not to love this trend, the fabric reminds me of sherpa jackets and that material can look really nasty if not properly cared for. My first reaction was that this would be a similar feel for me, but the more I see these pieces the more I like them. It adds some texture to pieces that would be a little bland otherwise. I don’t think this trend is appropriate for every style, but I think it adds some warmth and interest to a space.


Burl wood furniture is made from parts of a tree’s wood that has either been mistreated or infected by mold or fungus to create burls. It is an easy type of wood to identify by its unique pattern that looks like marbled wood. This has been a popular trend recently to utilize this type of wood for coffee tables, tv consoles, end tables, and so much more. The pieces that I have seen have warm tones and incredible visual interest. These pieces continue to add texture and variety to a space. Since they have such a distinct pattern, the designs I’ve seen of the furniture lets the wood speak for itself by keeping simple furniture designs.


I don’t love these… I think they can be done well SOMETIMES but for the most part it’s a “no” for me. It feels too trendy and for the most part I associate these with my college décor vibe. There’s nothing wrong with adding these to your home, but I am very much trying to move my home’s design style away from my college years style. My preference instead of these types of vases are things like the Grecian Bust Pot from Anthropologie. I love mine so much that I haven’t planted anything in it because I am too indecisive.


These scream college dorm room to me and give me the tapestry vibe that used to be so in. I feel like the tapestry trend has been losing to this trend of fake vines. I get it, they are cheap and cover more of the wall but I really do not like this trend. If they are real vines, I think I can handle it, but the fake ones remind me of old dusty things.


I know paint can be the easiest and cheapest way to redo a space in your home, but I’ve started to see paint being used in new ways to give your rooms an update. These painted accent areas do give your space a bit of dimension and interest, but overall, I’m not convinced I love this trend. It works with the intended object or area you are highlighting, but I don’t know about the longevity of this trend. There are so many other ways to add dimension and interest to your space, so I don’t think this is my favorite trend but it’s not the worst! I would say this is a cool way to add interest behind a bed as a makeshift headboard of sorts, but I don’t like it as much behind desks or console table things.


These trendy items have been a big deal for a little while now. Part of it may be because it is fairly easy to DIY with old candle sticks you have laying around or from the thrift store, but I’ve seen a ton of videos on how to do this on TikTok and Instagram. Personally, I don’t love the freestanding candles, but the twisted or bubble candles are super fun and cute. I am still curious if any every really lights these things though or if they are purely for decoration… I know I would probably just let them sit around and look pretty so I wouldn’t ruin the look of them, but maybe that defeats their ultimate purpose?? Idk, but they are pretty cute!


I hate this trend. I cannot believe how many people I have seen do this but it makes me cringe every time! I don’t understand why I dislike it so much, but I can’t wait for everyone to look back and this trend and say “what the heck were we thinking”… There are so many better ways to frame a mirror, and I know this is cheap and fun, but it looks cheap as well. I would recommend to stray away from this trend, but “to each his own” I guess!

now you can take my advice or leave it for these things, but these are definitely some of the trends that have been going strong recently. The vines have been around for a while and the foam mirror may be the newest star, but you’ll continue to see these things throughout the spring of 2021. Trends aren’t always a bad thing, in fact many can be quite fun and stick around for a long time! I love seeing the new things that come along, even when I don’t love them entirely. Have any trends you are seeing or want to hear about? Let me know 🙂

XOXO, Caro

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