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Updated Honest Review of The Sunee App

I have written before about the release of the Sunee App by Sarah’s Day, fitness and health YouTuber/blogger/influencer. The infamous “cooking project” sounded exciting and immediately I wanted to try it. It wasn’t entirely surprising that it was an app, but I was surprised by the pricing model. The subscription aspect of it was a little off-putting to me, so I knew that I wanted to be brutal in my review to determine if the subscription was worth it. So welcome to my updated and honest review of the Sunee App, part two.

To begin with, I still love and admire Sarah and her team so much. I mean, they are one of my favorite families to follow on social media. Their incredible personalities and heart for others are so apparent. Also, Fox just has to be the cutest baby. I’ve purchased from the activewear line and LOVED it. I also kept up with house updates and everything with their engagement/wedding. However, I decided against keeping up with the Sunee App.

I still follow their account on Instagram with the idea that I could change my mind, but here are some of the reasons why I decided not to continue paying for it.

1. The Subscription

If this app didn’t have a subscription, I would absolutely be using the Sunee app. The app doesn’t necessarily have to be free, but it was not worth paying 15.99 AUD or about 12 USD per month. With the number of recipes that are readily available elsewhere, there is really no need for it. Even if the argument is, “well they are easy and healthy recipes” I would argue that I still have an easy time finding easy healthy recipes on my own for free. If it was a cookbook or one-time fee, I would absolutely pay that price. Honestly, if it was half the price of what it is now I would even consider that… But the subscription fee is just not worth it for the product in my opinion.

2. Variety of Recipes

Now, this aspect could depend on personal opinion, but I didn’t find the variety of recipes to be appealing. I mentioned in my previous piece that I GREATLY appreciate the fact that the app is great for those with dietary needs. I eat gluten-free and dairy-free, so I never had to question or make substitutes to my recipes. This was a huge plus in my opinion and I still hold to that! However, I wished there were more side dishes and main dish options. I felt inspired by many of the dessert recipes and those. ones I will miss. It’s hard to find dessert recipes for certain dietary restrictions so I really do applaud the app for its desserts and smoothie sections.

3. The Education Sections

The app also boasts of its blog section and how they have people contribute to this exclusive content, but I didn’t find that things were posted that often and they didn’t really pertain to the knowledge that I wanted to have. Instead of ways to become a better cook, it was other health or fitness information that was nice but not needed. I think the app would have so much more value if there were articles on “how to cook the perfect burger” or “the key to food longevity in storing your food”. There would be lots of value in the education portion of the app being more focused on food and cooking rather than lifestyle. There would also be a huge benefit for more articles to be posted regularly.

Final Verdict of the Sunee App

There are definitely ways that I see the app being able to improve, but it just isn’t worth it to me when there are plenty of other free resources elsewhere. The value of the app didn’t increase overtime for me, in fact, I felt as if I got my fill of it after the first 3 months and didn’t feel as if there was much more I could gain from it. I wrote down my absolute favorite recipes, but even then I don’t use them that often. I love what they are going for and now that it is a business, but unfortunately, I won’t be coming back to the app until I perceive that the value is higher than what it was before. This is my honest review of the Sunee app, but it is also just my opinion.

If you have tried out the app, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Or if you are thinking about it and want to know more, check out my initial response to the app here.

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