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Two years ago I decided to take a floral design course with the New York Institute of Art and Design. I was excited about it after I had spent weeks trying to decide which course to start with. I have always loved learning, and I wanted to continue my education in a bit of a different way. This time, it would be something very unique and creative. Thankfully, the NYIAD was an online resource I could take advantage of to pursue a more formal education in all things flowers. (find $50 off your first NYIAD course with my referral code at the end!)

So I signed up for the class, paid in full, and was determined to finish ASAP so I could learn all that I could. The course promised increased knowledge in a variety of areas. From weddings, business, and basic floral care, I was itching to get going. I immediately started practicing as much as I could with the flowers I had readily available. Also known as grocery store flowers…

This wasn’t a huge obstacle in the long run as it would stretch me as an artist. I created bouquets and arrangements from the flowers found next to the wine aisle at my local grocery store. There was not much that brought me as much joy as when I started making arrangements with my newfound knowledge. Soon enough, I was blessed with the opportunity to create arrangements for a wedding. I was able to order better flowers and further develop my abilities.

beginning in floral design

Where did this all start? How did I get to the point where someone trusted me enough to create art for their wedding day? Why did I choose the floral design course?

I realized that I wanted to develop my skills and understandings of aesthetics. I bounced back and forth in my decision for the floral design class with interior design and fashion. Each of these topics had unique interested to me, but what brought them all together was the idea of how to make things beautiful. How do you create an outfit that translates confidence and power? Can you create a space in your home that is elegant but inviting? What are ways to make a floral installation piece that’s romantic and moody?

Each of these questions were interesting to me, but what it came down to was the availability of continued education in these areas. I could easily find free information to further my knowledge in fashion and home design so I set my sights on flowers. I am SO glad that I did as I have found so much joy in this area.


Beginning in floral design online was unique. I spent many months reading, taking tests, and completing projects to complete my certificate of floral design. This may not be the traditional way to learn more about floral design, but it allowed me to move at my own pace and revisit the materials over and over again. I know many people who work in the floral industry who didn’t start out with formal experience, which was an encouraging thought as I pursue more of my education.

I did not intend for my education in this to lead to a full time job or even a side hustle, but to continue to train my creative muscles. It was an exciting opportunity to be presented when asked to help with wedding florals. From bridal showers to weddings, I was able to make centerpieces and bouquets for a handful of occasions.

My education continued to come in handy when COVID cancelled my wedding and I was able to create a whimsical bouquet for my day. I made wedding florals for my dear friends Tayler, Holly, and Destany. There were events like Mother’s Day, Bridal Showers, and holidays were I could utilize my skills for gifts and decor.

Some parts of my education experience with NYIAD felt unnecessary however. For example, I cruised over the business portion of the course as much of it felt like review from my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I felt well versed in that area already, but I am still able to recognize the importance of that section for others. Overall, this was a sweet experience that I loved.

where I am now

Beginning in floral design two years ago, I didn’t realize how that would shape me now. I am happily helping brides and friends create beautiful arrangements. I have helped some through the ordering process for their events, basic floral care, and teaching others how to make arrangements. I have been able to shadow my local flower shop to learn from their expertise. Grocery store flowers still grace my home with their beauty.

I would love to continue this adventure with flowers with you if you’d like! I am happy to talk through where to order flowers, floral, or the basics of floral design. There is so much that is appealing about flowers and it’s incredibly enjoyable to have them around. But, for some, they can be an overwhelming task.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a consultation at any time. Jump over to my contact page and shoot me a message, I’d be delighted to hear from you 🙂

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my beginning in floral design