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I love clothing. I have always loved building an outfit to express the way I feel and to make me more confident. I have always had a wide variety in my style and as I’m getting older I feel like I know how to articulate my style a little better.

Well, at least I thought I did until I started writing this blog.

My style has ABSOLUTELY been on a rollercoaster from middle school until now. I was the classic hollister/abercrombie shirt and floral skirt back then, and now i’m a little bit of everything. A bit of boho, a tad classic, a hint of street style, and pinch of cottage core… So while I love a bunch of different styles, what is actually important to me in building my closet.

So I’ll be giving you a few tips that I’ve been implementing to truly build the ideal closet that I’ve always wanted.

Caro’s Color Palette

tip 1:

Make a Pinterest board of you favorite outfits, go through the board and find the top 5 colors, and find/make a graphic that includes all of those colors for you to come back to.

I just went through my “The Ideal Closet” Pinterest board and pulled the 5 most common colors… And it took me awhile! I am a neutrals girl. I don’t typically go for bright and bold colors expect for bright red! Everything else is neutral or muted. I love warm cream and white tones, but I also love all black outfits. I don’t want an entirely neutral wardrobe and I noticed that burnt orange/terracotta and sage were reoccurring colors that I like! So I added them to the inspiration photo. Blue was also a popular occurrence for jeans, but I decided not to add that to the main color inspiration.

tip 2:

Think about the fit of clothing that you prefer and only keep/buy clothing that fits those categories.

The fit of your clothing is SO important for building your closet. If you own something that you don’t like the fit of, then you won’t wear it. I have things in my closet that I don’t wear as much as I want to because they don’t fit the way I want them to… Whether it’s too tight, too big, or just doesn’t sit right you won’t reach for it as much as your other items. So, do you like oversized and flowy pieces? do you like tight or structured? do you like ruffles, mock necks, cropped? There are a lot of things to consider, but once you narrow down your preferences you will like your closet much more.

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tip 3:

be ruthless and say goodbye to some things.

The way that I find this to be the easiest is when I go through my closet every once in awhile when I’m feeling motivated to do so. I can’t force myself to go through my closet if I’m not in the mood because I won’t get rid of as much as I should. Typically, I get the most motivated after I go through my Pinterest boards and get a clear idea of what I want my wardrobe to be. When I start to realize that I’m resisting getting rid of things then I’ll stop for the moment and pick it back up again later. There are times when I go through my closet for too long and I start justifying pieces that I truly do not need nor that fit what I want my closet to be.

I am not quite where I want to be yet with my closet! But it’s getting closer and closer… The next step is to adjust the way that I shop… but i’ll save that for another blog 🙂

XOXO, Caro

3 ways to build the ideal closet