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Let’s talk through 5 of the upcoming Spring 2021 Trends that you’ll be seeing this season! These are just a few things that I have been noticing or have been excited for this season that I’ve also seen other designers capture as we approach spring. This isn’t a fully comprehensive list, but just a few things to look out for. I’ll also include a list of things I’m keeping my eye out for in the coming season!

Oversized Button Down Shirts

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Expect to see these shirts in all different shapes and forms. From tied at the waist, layered with a skirt, tucked into pants, and even worn as dresses you will see this everyone. This is a comfortable item that is still structured through the classic silhouette of this piece. Sometimes referred to as the “boyfriend” shirt for its loose and oversized fit, this is a top you’ll want to have. It is definitely a transitional piece that you can dress up or down. I’ve seen it paired with bike shorts (which I’m still unsure of how I feel about this) to being paired with wide leg dress pants and fun accessories. If you want a good place to start, I recommend starting with a white oversized button down shirt, but you will also be seeing bright colors and pastels as a huge part of this trend.

“Serotonin” Clothes

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I am calling this trend serotonin clothing because there is such a variety of bright colors and patterns for this Spring 2021 season! There are so many varieties to this trend as well. Think bold patterned dresses, bright tennis ball yellow, and unique pairings of colors in outfits this year. This clothing trend just looks bright and cheerful, as if there’s not a care in the world for if things match but somehow it still works. I can’t imagine you can wear this clothing and not feel incredible 🙂

Oversized or Wide Leg Pants

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This is probably my favorite of these trends. These relaxed and comfortable pants have been a staple in my wardrobe and I love it. It adds comfort to an outfit while still having structure and an elevated look. You can find these pants easily at thrift stores and boutiques (speaking from my own experience) which makes this trend incredibly attainable. There’s a little bit of structure but a lot of roomy/bagginess to these pants. You are more likely to see these in Khaki, Beige, Browns, and other neutral colors. You’ll also see this trend in dress pants and with jeans. Finding a fit that is best for you is key in make these a staple part of your closet!

Color Spotlight: Orange/Tangerine

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You will probably be seeing a lot of bright oranges this spring. From Tangerine, to sunset orange, or pale orange… This will be a huge theme for this spring. The wonderful thing about this color trend is the color may be used in a lot of different ways. I have always been more of a burnt or deep orange type of person, but this even goes back to the “Serotonin” clothing which is bright, happy, and maybe just a little bit in your face. If you want to give this trend a go, you can start by incorporating this into your accessories. If you want to be bold from the start, I would say a dress or full orange ensemble would do the trick! I’m thinking a monochrome pant suit would be very cool.

Floral Dresses

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This is a trend that is seen pretty much every spring… So not a huge surprise that it is coming back around for this spring! The difference for this year is the style you’ll be seeing for these. If you’ve heard the term “cottage core” or have watched Bridgerton, then you may now a bit more about how this style will play out. You will see new silhouettes that incorporate a cottage vibe or a more structured think that harkens back to 19th century England. This is a trend that I will absolutely be taking a part in as I love the romantic look and feel of these dresses.

Here are the things I’m looking out for (and you can too if you want!!)

  • Oversized Trench Coats and Blazers: in Western, PA there are still many days were jackets are needed. These things are quite versatile and are classic pieces that’ll stay on trend for a while.
  • Pastels: I am not quite a bold color person, so the things I’m keeping an eye out for with be in the pastel colors. These will be my fun “serotonin” clothes for the spring season
  • Kitten Heels: I want to find cute and neutral kitten heels for this season. They are incredibly comfortable and easier to wear more often than tall heels! From business casual to spring floral dresses, they are the perfect thing to be looking for this spring.
  • Cottage Core Dresses: these are incredibly elegant and feminine. I found the dress that I’d LOVE to have, but it is incredibly expensive. So I will be looking out for other dresses that have an incredible mix of structure and flow to them.
  • Corset motif: I have still been deciding how I feel about this trend, but I do think it can be done well. I’m still deciding on the way that this can be done well which is why this is something I’ll be looking out for!
  • Gingham overalls: this is incredibly specific, but I have really wanted pale blue gingham overalls for this spring. Is this a trend? Not exactly, but something that I’ve been loving!

5 Spring Fashion Trends for 2021