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The “shacket” is the combination of a shirt and jacket. But not just any shirt, it is typically a button down style of shirt. The shacket is heavy enough to keep you warm but not bulky enough to be a coat. It’s been a huge trend recently with numerous stores coming out with different variations of it.

Shackets make a ton of sense for fall, warmer winter days, or for those of you who live in places with warmer winters! These are stylish jackets that look chic and simultaneously laid back. You can pretty much layer whatever you want with it. Personally I love the turtleneck look underneath it.

Here are the 3 things I think you should look for in the ideal shacket:

  1. The fabric quality. There are a lot of shirts out there that are being sold as Shackets but are a thin shirt material… These may look like shackets in pictures but they won’t keep you warm or look as stylish. Also look at the quality of the buttons and other additions that will either make it look more/less expensive.
  2. Color. I am always into neutrals (which you can probably see through my shacket guides) but it’s important to find a shacket for your wardrobe! Maybe that’s a really colorful shacket or maybe it’s something plaid or maybe just a black one. For me a cream or tan shacket would work the best with my wardrobe, or even a plaid one with those colors!
  3. The perfect fit. The shacket is meant to be slightly oversized, but you don’t want to be swimming in it! If you want a longer shacket, you probably don’t want it to go past your knees… If it hits someplace between your hip and mid-thigh that’s ideal. Finding the fit for you will make the shacket look way better.

Here is a quick compilation of some shackets that I have found and are shoppable on my profile!

Happy shopping!! I hope you find the perfect shacket for you 🙂

XOXO, Caro

is the shacket worth the hype?