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yes. absolutely.

I know that it could sound a little cheesy, but hear me out, it could change your life.

I saw a tiktok a few weeks ago that gave a tip for reading a book a week. You simply take the total number of pages and divide by 7 to find the number of pages you need to read each night to complete the book in a week. Since seeing that tiktok i’ve read 3 books and will be finishing my fourth this week. This is the most reading that I’ve done in a LONG time.

The books that i’m reading aren’t necessarily the things that are changing my life. I mean, Harry Potter was life changing to me as a child but this time around it was just wildly nostalgic. Even the motivational/self-help book wasn’t the book that changed my life. And, as much as I LOVE Jane Eyre, that classic novel isn’t even the book that has been changing my life.

It’s the fact that I have set a goal that has seemed unattainable for so long and now I’m doing it consistently.

It’s so attainable to read a book in a week, but I never figured it out until now how easy it could be. I see immediate results at the end of the week in the form of a finished book and that is an amazing feeling. As a type 3 enneagram (lol i’m obsessed) I usually have the need to see immediate results, and that makes my goals harder at times. For example, consistency in weight loss or my health journey can be hard because I don’t always see immediate benefits from what I do.

This new skill that i’m learning through reading a book a week is how to be consistent in persevering towards a goal. This is the part that has been changing my life because when I accomplish the goals I set before myself then I instantly become more motivated for the next one. This tangible and attainable goal of reading might help me achieve my other goals that have been harder for me to do in the past.

While this may not be the same for everyone, what’s the harm in trying to read a book in a week? You may learn something new, find a new way to relax, or maybe it will change your life. You don’t need to read the “right” books to do this, you could even re-read the Harry Potter series with me if you wanted! But set a goal for yourself that is easy and attainable and who knows what you’ll be able to achieve next.

I’ll keep you updated as the book and goals journey progresses, please keep me updated if you decide to try this out too 🙂

XOXO, Caro

can reading a book a week change your life?