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I love giving gifts every Christmas. It truly is my favorite thing and I love thinking long and hard about what I get for others. My next favorite thing about Christmas gifts is getting all of the cool gifts that I would never think to get myself! I love coming home and breaking out all of the gifts and gadgets that I get. Here are a few of the things that I got this year that I either LOVE or am so pumped to try.

  1. The Air Fryer: Full honesty we have had our air fryer for a little while but it honestly has felt like a gift to us for the entire month that we’ve had it. I try and air fry everything and so far we have LOVED everything that we’ve made. It’s easy to use, so quick and easy, and apparently it’s healthier (but I haven’t looked into that end of things that much). I recommend an air fryer to anyone, and if you have some gift cards from Christmas that you want to use I would recommend putting some of it towards this!!
  2. Soda Stream: This is the gift that I’m the MOST excited to use but I haven’t broken it out of the box yet. I will be breaking it out as soon as there is more room on our counter… For now let me at least tell you why I put it on my list: all of my friends who have it are obsessed with it, I love carbonated water, and the ease of use/sustainability were all so appealing to me. I drink carbonated water daily, so having the ability to make my own at home and customize it to what I want is so exciting. My friends have used it for soda and mixed drinks as well and have told me how much they love theirs. I was skeptical of Soda Stream last year but I am SO  on board now.
  3. Crock Pot: We may be late to the game on this one but I am too hyped about this. I had mentioned a little while ago that I may want a crock pot but didn’t think about it again until I got TWO for Christmas. My grandma and my husband purchased different ones for me and they had no idea that the other had purchased it. I was so excited for it because it was thoughtful and they remembered what I had said months ago. It is currently cooking our dinner and I’m so thankful for how easy it is and how it will make cooking dinner easier during my normal work week.
  4. Moka Pot: I didn’t know I needed this until I got it. This little espresso maker is going to change my life because I can make my lattes without the need to break out my espresso machine. I currently don’t have counter space for my espresso maker so this moka pot will be stellar for now. I do love how quick and easy my espresso maker is, I think the Moka Pot takes a little longer to brew but I was happy with the quality of it. Would definitely recommend!
  5. Milk Frother: Going along with the the last item, I got to use this today to make my latte! This frother is the kind that you pour the milk into and it heats and froths the milk in a minute. It also would re-froth the milk if the temperature went back to under 50 degrees as long as the button was on. I love hot coffee in the mornings before work so this frother is wonderful for hot drinks, but I still think I may want another frother for my cold drinks and mixing my matcha.. We will see what happens, but I LOVE this thing.
  6. Makeup Fridge: Another item that I’m pumped about. I have a couple of skincare things that are best kept refrigerated and since I spend more money on skincare than on makeup I really want to keep them as nice as possible. It’s also nice having cold face wipes in the morning to help wake me up! I don’t have a ton of counter space in the bathroom so I may end up keeping it in our spare bedroom and put my makeup mirror there too (which is another thing that I got for Christmas but have yet to set it up). But for now my little pink makeup fridge will live in our retro green bathroom.
  7. Oil Dispenser: this was another gift that I wasn’t expecting but that I already love. One, it looks better on my counter than my other oil containers. Two, it has a more consistent pour than the normal bottles. This will help me use less oil and conserve what I have. This isn’t the world’s coolest gift but it is a wonderful thing that I love now.
  8. Face Steamer: I have heard mixed reviews on how these work, but I was really intrigued by it and asked for one for Christmas! The benefits supposedly include increasing circulation, moisturizing, opens pores for cleansing, and can be so relaxing. This is a gift that I haven’t used yet either, but I will probably do a full review on it later 🙂

I love all of these items and am so excited about them. I will continue to add some reviews to any of these items that you want to know more about!! Are there any gifts that you got that you absolutely love?

You can find all of these items to purchase at this link:

XOXO, Caro

Christmas Gift Review- Home Edition