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making some extra income by selling your clothes online can be SO easy and can be a quick way to make money.

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Here are the places that I’ve utilized to sell my clothes and some of the pros/cons of each.


This is first place I started and it was fairly easy! I set up my closet, put in my information, took pictures and away I went! It was a slow start as I learned, but if you know what to do right away it really helps. Some key things to note about Poshmark is that SEO (search engine optimization) is so important for this. Making sure you are descriptive and using key words that describe the item (brand, style, color) will help your items get more views and sell faster. Also pricing is a big thing, make sure you are asking a reasonable price and researching what others are asking for that item. Think about how you search for items and that will help you as you post about yours. The best thing about Poshmark is that the shipping part is SO EASY. Pre-paid labels that you slap on the package and drop off is amazing. Poshmark will take a percentage of your earnings, but that’s the trade off for the ease of selling.


Recently this is the main place that I sell my clothes. I have a fairly strong base of women who follow me from my area (went to high school and college in the same town) so this may be easier for me than some others BUT this method is probably the quickest way to make money. I have tried posting on my stories and making a separate profile to post my things. I think stories are the best because the most people see it and it’s easy to swipe away from if they really don’t wanna see it. The last time I sold clothes I think I made $100 in a day once I was done selling. It’s fast and you don’t have someone taking a portion of your earnings. The downside is that you may have to package and ship at the post office which can be annoying but worth it if you want to make the most money.

Facebook Marketplace:

I really only use Marketplace when I have a specific item that I know is being searched for. Ugg boots, kate spade purses, various designer items, or popular shoes usually sell better. I rarely use this unless I have an item that I think will sell well on FB, and I never really sell clothing there. There are much better places to do that! But this can be a great way to get money easily, not have to deal with shipping (unless you choose to), and have it go quickly. I’ve had instances of porch pick ups that have come the same or next day! They could pay through Facebook or we’d arrange a separate method. This isn’t my favorite option but it definitely works!

I have shopped on Mercari, but I haven’t personally used this one myself! Seems similar to Poshmark in how it takes a percentage, but I would say that Mercari is more user friendly. I’ve heard that Mercari takes a bigger percentage which is why I haven’t tried yet!

Since I love purchasing clothing and experimenting with fashion I love being able to use these platforms to resell my clothes. I now buy a lot of my clothing that way too! I would absolutely recommend all of these options. Let me know if you’ve used one of these options, or a different thing completely! I would love to hear what you recommend 🙂

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