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Summer is upon us and that means it is time to make the most of every moment of it. While I don’t always love summer, there truly is something in the air that makes everything seem brighter and more fun. I personally don’t love the summer heat, so i’m always finding ways to stay cool and still in the sun. It’s a time where people naturally want to be outside together whether that’s swimming, grilling, camping, or just hanging out. And naturally, I head to Target for some Summer Inspiration.

After this past year, these summer hangouts feel a little bit more precious to me. Making the most of these moments is a priority to me as I think about hanging out with people again. There are so many opportunities and this summer is what you make of it! I hope that you can find some inspiration out there to either create the best party or the most zen space.

Target never fails to give me inspiration for summer, I mean, the dollar spot section alone always has items that make me want to kick back with some lemonade poolside and bask in the sun. I kept finding things on their site (like I always do) that I wanted to add to my cart for all of the summertime fun. Their swimsuit selection? Incredibly varied and cute. Their yard/pool toys? Make me want to run outside. The summer accessories like beach towels and coverups? Immaculate. Summer Inspiration from Target is next level.

To get ready for those Summer Nights, here are some inspiration photos for how you can spend your time (and your money) on summertime adventures! You can also check out this Summer Inspiration Pinterest Board for more ideas on summer fun.

Summer Inspiration: Poolside Party

Pink Pool? Yes, please!! I’m tempted to get this for myself, I won’t lie… Click on the caption to get links to these items!

I also feel like the pink pool would be great for a photo shoot… And the other items are tried and true!! I mean, who doesn’t need a beach towel in the summer??

Backyard Bash

I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute sucker for good patio furniture. I love getting to sit on my porch and I would love to give that set a home at my place

Let’s Go Camping

Many of these things are a must have in my eyes, but if nothing else, get the tent fan and light for any of your camping adventures!! It’s such a life saver. Having some air flow and the noise at night helped me sleep!

I hope you find some summer inspiration in this blog!! Whether that’s for a pool party, camping, or grilling out at your house! I know I’ll be filling my days with activities and that some of these items will someday hold many memories for me as well.

Xoxo, Caro

Summer Inspiration from Target