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Sarah’s Day, youtuber and fitness/wellness influencer, has been teasing her “cooking project” for the past few years. She shares her life on social media and creates content to encourage and support those who are looking to improve their lives through healthy eating a life styles. She has a bright and joyful spirit, and the cutest son named Fox. I have followed her for years now and it’s been so fun to see her life unfold as if we were friends in real life. Today, I’m going to give my review of the Sunee App and if it is ultimately worth it…

The “Cooking Project”

Naturally, I’ve been quite interested in the “cooking project” which she didn’t reveal until the beginning of this year. I had an idea that it would be an app after she said it wouldn’t be a cookbook. That’s where my mind went next, so I was even more excited when I was right!! I checked out the website early to see what was going on, which was a puzzle to access a password for the site and I got really into it. Once I got on, I poured over the recipes that were free to the public and immediately noticed how well the recipes would line up with my diet. In my review of the Sunee app I’ll look at a few of the recipes and how my experience with them lined up with my particular diet.

My diet doesn’t include gluten or dairy because of some health issues. Some other things affect my digestive system pretty negatively, but honestly all I can really keep up with is the two food categories for now. I was so excited that this whole app would be really great for my diet. So many cookbooks or recipes I look up I cannot have or I have to change things for it. It’s nice to know that these recipes were made with this diet in mind. There are also many options for paleo, low FODMAP, nut free, vegan, and vegetarian. So as I was looking through the recipes that were already available I decided to try one before I got the app. So, I landed on making the Avolutely Creamy Carbonara.

This recipe was AMAZING. Seriously, it was so good. This came at a time that I had recently made my husband a normal carbonara recipe so I was pretty excited to have a meal like this that I could eat myself. I was missing a few ingredients (mushrooms and zucchini). It was so so good. I made it again shortly after haha! The recipe was really easy to follow and I believe they lived up to their statement “Healthy cooking made simple”.

The next recipe I made was the Cacao Smoothie. Another amazing recipe that was super easy. I mean, most smoothies or milkshakes aren’t too hard to come up with.. BUT the variety that is on the app with the different drinks, smoothie bowls, or ice cream is incredible. Peaches and Cream, Watermelon Sorbet, Island Matcha Bowl, Cinnamon Donut Bowl, and Cherry Ripe Nice Cream… My mouth is watering right now! I ate my smoothie too quickly, so I’ll just post a picture from the Sunee site.

Cacao Smoothie

Baked Cashew Dip was a hit at our thanksgiving in January celebration that my family decided to do haha! We didn’t have the sundried tomatoes which I was sad about, but overall this recipe was really good! We ended up squeezing some lemon on top which really completed the dish.

Baked Cashew Dip and Gluten Free Crackers

Caramelized Honey Carrots. This was another “close but not quite” moment because I chopped up whole carrots instead of using a bunch of them. They ended up being pretty good, but I wish I would’ve cooked them a little bit longer than was recommended. They were light and slightly sweet and slightly salty.

Caramelized Carrots

Some of the categories you find on the app are: Brekkie, Dips/Sauces, Lighter Snacks, Main Meals, Salads and Nourish Bowls, Sunee Bowls and Drinks, and Sweet Treats. Currently there are over 200 recipes on the app with new recipes being added every week! It’s so fun seeing the first release of new recipes that I’m so excited to try.

Some additional features of the app is a section called Healthy Hacks where there is information on how to build a healthy plate, pantry staples, cooking basics, and nourishing your body for different issues or concerns. There is a blog section as well called Hot Topics to talk about working out, food groups, gut health, sustainability, lifestyle, and so much more. I haven’t dived into this section much, but I’m so excited about the wealth of knowledge it holds!

Pros: I really do think this app can help make healthy cooking simplier. There are a variety of recipes and everything I’ve tried so far is delicious! It also fits into my diet really well and I feel like there are options that I feel good/excited about. The recipes and ingredient lists are readily available to go grocery shopping with you too! The additional sections of the app (Healthy Hacks and Hot Topics) are so informational about how to prioritize your health and well being.

Cons: this app really may not be for everyone. I typically have nutritional yeast, tahini, coconut cream, and gluten free flour alternatives on hand… But not everyone may have those things! So that could be expensive. I also wish that it wasn’t as expensive as it is. I’m starting with the 3 month subscription to decide how much I actually use the app and figure out from there what I want to do. The app also doesn’t count calories and focuses more on intuitive eating, so if you keep track of your calories more than this may not be for you.

Personally, I’m really excited about what the Sunee app has to offer! But, I can also understand why this app may not be for everyone. If you are feeling more adventurous or want to learn more about healthy cooking, this app is a great place to go to. There are also great options to find elsewhere that are free though, and then maybe come to the Sunee app later 🙂

I hope this article helped a little in giving some more insight and a review of the Sunee app! Gotta go make one of those mug cakes now!!

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Honest Review of the Sunee App