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I typically make $100 each time I sell clothes on Instagram and it’s currently my favorite place to sell my clothing.

Tip 1: Post on your main accounts story.

Don’t make a private story or a separate account, I know your followers MIGHT think its annoying but it’ll just be a day every once in a while. If you are thinking about selling clothes more often, then I’d recommend making a separate account that you’ll use more regularly. Story is SO easy, you can get responses easily and delete things easily.

Tip 2: Take GOOD photos.

I know this should be a no-brainer, but lighting is important so you can accurately represent the article of clothing. Going along with that, DON’T use filters. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when you buy something and the color is totally different… You don’t have to have the perfect set up, just simply laying them flat on the floor and getting the whole thing in the picture. The better the photos the more money you could get.

Tip 3: Include the shipping in the price.

This is just easier on the shopper. Typically shipping can range from $4-$10, I usually ship things for $5-$8 though. It’s nicer to include shipping on the price for you to keep track of and it’s easier for the buyer if you don’t add the cost afterwards.

Tip 4: let people know you’ll be selling clothing soon!

This helps make sure that the people who are more likely to be interested will be watching for you sale. Engage with you followers and post sneak peeks to increase interest in the sale!

Tip 5: Start with good items

I think starting with good items gets people interested, you don’t want people to immediately swipe away so you want to get them hooked from the start. Sometimes people save shoes until the end, but if you have good ones start off with them! If you have popular items/brand name items then those are great places to start too. Don’t save the good stuff for the end, start off with them right away!

If you follow some or all of these tips, you will definitely be able to sell more! You will also sell more quickly than other selling options, but you can read about that on my post about that 😉 I compare some of the selling options in that post and how they compare to instagram! I hope this helps!!

XOXO, Caro

tips to selling clothes on instagram